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One of the most popular and biggest brand to ever hit shores is the premium fashion surf line, Reef. A leading brand in flip flops, Reef has a wide range of selection to choose from both for men and women. What’s great is that style and affordability doesn’t have to scrimp on quality. Rest assured that what you get with Reef products are nothing but superb quality and an utmost value for each of its products. The brand started its roots in the 1980’s spearheaded by brothers, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre in Argentina. Their love for the beach coupled with their active lifestyle led them to build their own name right in the heart of San Diego, California. They have been a cult favorite since then especially among the surf aficionados and beach enthusiasts alike. This immense popularity garnered its spot to take part of the beach and surf fashion arena worldwide.

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Some of the popular products include the Fanning line created and designed in tribute to Mick Fanning, one of Australia's professional surfer and a world champion in his craft. If you?re the type who prefers leather for your flip flops, then the Swing 2 line is right for you. It's leather but is not at all heavy and bulky since the material has a nice, thin composition. Totally flexible for your walking sprees. The Ginger range is a special area for women is highly sought-after because of its comfort and its hip woven strap material which gives a whole beachy feel. You do not have to worry as Reef caters to both males and females with various designs tailored to fit every lifestyle and personalities.So if you're looking for the perfect beach or surf partner, Reef has everything laid out just for you. For a cheap pair of Reef flip flops of your own, head on over to Flip Flops UK. You're guaranteed with a good reliable service and best of all, it's absolutely affordable. What are you waiting for?