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I love flip flops, and who doesn't like finding premium ranges but at prices you can actually justify and afford. The reason I created this website was that I had spent time abroad where Havaianas were much more popular, and on returning to the UK I couldn't find any online shops that sold Havaianas, or if they did they were way too expensive - so I made a small list of places that I had found online and thus became this website. As time goes on I will be adding new flip flops, and linking you to the cheapest seller at the time, if there are any Havaiana flip flops I have missed please get in contact. I've become a little obsessed finding cheap Havaianas, and have many pairs myself, they are an awesome flip flop for both women, men and kids - there is even a range of cheap unisex Havaianas too! I'll be using this website to show off some of the best and cheapest Havaianas, as well to keep up to date with news in the flip flop world. Keep checking back for new additions. Buy the awesome Havaianas Flip Flops today, you won't regret it - they are MORE than just flip flips.... and now introducing our great new range of cheap wellies, from some of our favourite brands such as Hunter, Joules and of course Havaianas. Short wellies, tall wellingtons and patterned welly boots, winter time favourites for the rainy days when flip flops just don't cut it!