Cheap flip flops for wedding guests UK

Handing out cheap flip flops for wedding guests in the UK is an adorable new trend that has quickly risen in popularity and is sure to be a lasting one. You’ve got a couple different options when considering cheap flip flops for your wedding guests. First off, you’ll need to decide at what point to give them out. For beach or destination weddings, it may be fun to hand them out as guests arrive so they can change into them before the ceremony. That way they don’t get their nice shoes covered in sand or mud. Alternatively you could hand them out at the reception as more of a wedding favor. Get creative!

When choosing the cheap flip flops for your UK wedding guests, think about the impression you are trying to give. You could get cheap flip flops in your wedding colors. You could get his and her pairs of flip flops for your wedding guests. There are some really cute flip flops with Swarovski crystals on them that would be perfect for the ladies. Once again, just be creative and think about the mood and look you are going for. The most important part is to have fun with this trend and make it your own!