The Ethical Volcom Reclaim Creedlers flip flops in black


Volcom Reclaim blackMen around the world are in love with these Volcom Reclaim Creedlers flip flops, especially those that areCheck Price Now interested in recycling and helping the environment. As part of their “” collection, Volcom has created these awesome flip flops by utilizing the EVA waste material leftover from the die cutting process. In the past, this non-biodegradable waste was simply thrown away, so it eventually ended up in landfills. However, by coming up with a unique re-manufacturing process, Volcom has been able to recycle the waste and reduce their footprint on the earth.

The exact look of your pair of Reclaim flip flops will depend on what EVA scraps have been ground down and used in the remanufacturing process. Once the leftovers are ground down to a fine powder, they are added back in during the foam manufacturing, so nothing is wasted. In addition to the renewed EVA soles, these flip flops have TPU uppers and a special five anchor system, instead of the traditional three point system, to hold the straps on which gives you additional support and durability. Finally, a flip flop as unique as you are! Find the pair made especially for you today on Flip Flops UK.

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