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In the history of footwear fashion, one brand made a unique way of starting out in the business. Vans were created in the mid-60’s by 2 brothers residing in California, namely, James Van Doren and Paul Van Doren along with 3 other business partners. They initially started out by assembling the shoes and the orders in the morning then come afternoon, it would be ready for picking up. That went on and on until the brand has gained its following especially from skateboarders and outdoor lovers. In the course of time, Vans have opened a lot of stores that would remain on the market shelves up to now. Their flip flops are one of the best-selling products that Vans has to offer and best, there are options for both men and women out there. Loved by streetwear and grunge personalities, you can always have something for yourself from the vast selection that is widely available.

As an example of grunge and one that is dealing more in the urban side of fashion, the Vans Del Mar Flip Flopsfor ladies is another of their popular choice. It has a sleek, feminine shape with a very modern fade out color design on one side that is in fact, eye-catching and very casual. You can wear this to anywhere you want. For the gentlemen, there is also the Vans La Costa Flip Flops in Checkerboard White and Black inspired by the checkered trademark famously known for in their shoes. Aside from that, it contains the patented waffle outsole from Vans. It's hip, edgy and most of all comfortable to use for everyday wear.

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