Awesome Ted Baker Bual flip flops green pattern

HOMETed Baker

Cheap Ted Baker flip flops in Bual greenGo green with a pair of Ted Baker Bual style flip flops from Flip Flops UK. After all, it’s only proper! Army greenCheck Price Now thongs and multi coloured footbeds give you a leg up on the competition. The Polynesian inspired pattern gets you in the tropical mood regardless of season or location. Wear them to the next football match or slide them on while keeping your balance on a boat’s tossing deck. Don’t worry, these sandals boast rubber soles that offer a non-slip grip in even the dampest conditions.

Besides matching everything, these shoes are rugged enough to handle whatever you throw their way. The flexible thong strap won’t pinch or irritate your foot, so wearing these flip flops day in and day out won’t be a problem. The mark of quality can be found embossed right into the thong. Ted Baker has long been known as a reputable company with a great product that doesn’t disappoint. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you have to skimp on comfort and style!

Get your green Ted Baker Bual flip flops today from Flip Flops UK and learn firsthand how a quality flip flop should look and feel on your feet.

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