North Face Base Camp Mini Flip Flops Mojito Green & Chiffon

HOMENorth Face

Cheap The North Face Base Camp Mini Flip Flops in Mojito Green and Chiffon YellowWhen you’re headed to the woods for a summer camping trip or headed to the beach for a day in theCheck Price Now sand and water, flip flops can be your best friend. You’ll want to find a shoe that’s easy to get into and take off, a shoe that’s durable and a shoe that provides comfort and protection from the hot sand or the campsite ground. These cheap, but sturdy, flip flops are perfect for more active wear.

The comfortable EVA footbed, inspired by the egg crate mattress, will keep your toes comfortable and safe. The bold green and yellow colors add a pop of style to the traditional styled flip flop. The bright colors ensure they’ll be easy to find when you need to grab them. These summer shoes are perfect for a day at the beach, a weekend camping trip or a quick run to the grocery store. These more casual shoes would be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Perfect for the summer go-getter, the North Face Base Camp Flip Flops are a great solution to cheap, durable summer footwear. The jersey lining and the synthetic strap are padded to ensure extra comfort for your tired toes.

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