North Face Base Camp Mini Flip Flops Ion Blue & Flamenco Blue

HOMENorth Face

Cheap Womens The North Face Base Camp Mini Flip Flops in Ion Blue and Flamenco BlueSometimes all you need is a pair of simple flip flops to keep your feet covered and ready to run when the sunCheck Price Now comes up. If you are looking for simple with a splash of color the North Face Base Camp sandals in blue may be just what your wardrobe needs. The simple classic flip flop is perked up with a blast of ion and flamenco blue for a cool feeling to keep your temperature down on those hot summer nights.

The soft straps keep your feet cozy and the specially designed inner lining will keep your heels and ankles happy long after the sun goes down. These sandals are perfect for that last minute trip to the ocean with your friends or for a day in the park with your favorite food and a good book. Easy to wear, you can toss the on as you head out for a snack run or to meet up at the local bakery.

These bold shades of blue will backdrop beautifully against your new tan. For an effortless look that’s comfortable and stylish make sure to add these sweet sandals to your summer wardrobe.

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