Men’s Khaki and Orange North Face Base Camp Flip Flops

HOMENorth Face

Cheap The North Face Base Camp Flip-Flop Flip Flops - Classic Khaki:Zion OrangeSome people like to be a little bolder in their footwear, other people prefer to take a more traditional, subduedCheck Price Now look. If you fall into the latter group the North Face Base Camp Flip Flops in khaki and orange are the perfect look for you. The khaki coloured sandal holds up well in dirt, sand and rain. These sandals also pair well with your favourite khaki shorts or jeans. The wide, coated strap provides stability, protection and extra comfort. These sandals are unique in that they offer anatomical arch support so your feet and ankles get the best protection that a pair of flip flops can offer.

The interior of the shoe is lined with jersey for the soft, comfortable place to rest your feet. There is a hint of orange on the lining and soles of the shoe for just a pop of colour. If you are looking for a sturdy pair of sandals that will get your through this summer and likely several more, you’ve found the right shoes. The extra traction on the soles of the shoe will help keep you safe and upright while you are running around this summer.

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