Cheap Womens North Face Ava Flip Flops Ion Blue & TNF Black

HOMENorth Face

Cheap Womens The North Face Ava Flip Flops  Ion Blue and TNF BlackThere’s nothing quite like trying to navigate a wet parking lot in a pair of flip flops. If you have the wrongCheck Price Now pair, you’re just as likely to slip and fall as you would be traipsing across a patch of ice. If you want to wear your flip flops rain and shine you’ll want to pick out a pair with decent traction to avoid those potentially embarrassing tumbles.

The North Face Ava flip flops feature a textured foot for better traction. These stylish flip flops are particularly cute in blue and black. This casual summer shoe is perfect for a quick run  to the store, heading to the beach or spending time being lazy in the sun. The soft polyester strap makes for a more comfortable fit with less chafing than you’d get with plastic straps. The charming color palate is cool and worthy of hitting the surf.

Pair these sandals with a pair your favorite jeans or cutoffs for a casual summer look.  If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will get your out the door with little fuss, you’ll love the ease of these classic styled thong sandals.

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