Cheap Men’s North Face Base Camp Flip Flops in Black

HOMENorth Face

Cheap Mens The North Face Base Camp Flip Flops in BlackIt’s a pleasure to start introducing a new and exciting range of premium flip flops brought to your by NorthCheck Price Now Face, a super popular brand renowned for producing high quality and high wear outdoor clothing and footwear. These high quality black flip flops are made totally PVC free, instead using a PU coated synthetic strap with a super soft and comfortable PU binding and soft jersey lining. The footbed is super soft, super squashy and seems to mould to your foot just perfectly.

It’s almost like an egg crate structure and gives a super great anatomical arch support to make sure you’re feet stay nice and ‘correctly’ positioned. Shouldn’t ignore stuff like that! You know the stuff that North face creates – expedition style, hard wearing but comfortable. The hard wearing rubber outsole provides pretty decent traction and grip for flip flops! You can’t go wrong with these premium flip flops at now a super discounted and cheap price!

There are quite a few different colour combo’s in this style of North Face Flip Flop – at the time of writing I know there is a TNF yellow pair, as well as Triumph Green.

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