Bright Yellow TNF The North Face Base Camp Flip Flops

HOMENorth Face

Cheap Mens The North Face Base Camp Flip Flops in TNF YellowFor a bolder choice this summer: go yellow. Yellow means sunlight, warmth and heat. Everything youCheck Price Now want from the perfect summer break. Yellow shows confidence This bright yellow sandal will turn more than a few heads this summer when you hit the boardwalk. These shoes are definitely casual summer shoes, but they do their job well. Whether your heading out to surf or you are spending the day hitting the park with your friends, these stylish and durable shoes are perfect for the occasion. These sandals pair best with your favourite pair of shorts, swim trunks or jeans.

Toss on a t-shirt for a no fuss summer outfit and be out the door and ready to move before the sun has the chance to fully wake up. These shoes are designed to keep your feet comfortable when you head out on the town. The extra soft lining helps keep your feet cozy and your feet and ankles are kept safe from the hard ground with extra arch support. These shoes are designed to last a long time. Adding these sandals to your wardrobe will carry you through the next several summers in comfort.

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