Multi Striped Joules WellyPrint Printed Welly Boots


Cheap Joules MultiStripe Welly BootsFor a more feminine touch to the Wellington rain boot, slip into a pair of these soft-striped boots. The subduedCheck Price Now colours make these Wellies a little more subtle. Paired with a fun skirt or jeans and a flowing blouse, these Wellies show it’s possible to be girly even when the rain and snow start coming down. For the girl who wants to look cute without drawing too much attention, these boots will do just the trick. Sweet and functional they are the perfect addition for your fall and winter weather wardrobes. If you have a long trek in the colder weather, you won’t have to worry about thawing out your feet when you get to your destination.

These boots are designed to keep moisture and cold wind away from the feet. Feel free to splash in a few puddles on your way to work or school. Your socks will stay dry and warm. This mid length Welly is designed to keep your feet warm while helping your trudge through the rain and snow safely. The unique traction on the bottom of the boots will keep you on your feet on you daily trek. For a fun look that whispers understated, add these Wellington’s to your wardrobe.

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