Bright & Colourful Joules Junior Well Floral Wellies for kids


Junior Pink and Blue Floral Kids Joules WelliesLet your little girl splash through puddles on her way to school. These sweet boots will keep her feet dry andCheck Price Now warm when she does. The charming floral pattern is bright and perfect for the little girl who wants to look pretty. These stylish boots will look charming with her favorite fall dress or jeans and light sweater for the perfect cool weather outfit. These very bright shoes make it easy to spot your little one on the playground. These sweet boots also feature a visibility strip to make your little ones easier to see in the rainy and cloudy weather. Kids can tear up shoes in  no time but this Wellies were designed to be durable.

Your little one can wear these boots all fall and winter. The durable rubber sole offers support and stability. This charming Welly features newly designed tread to ensure your little one stays on her feet when she hits the slick sidewalks this fall. If getting the perfect fit seems impossible, you’ll love the buckle at the top of these mid-length boots. The adjustable buckle makes it easy to let your little one get the perfect fit for her feet.

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