Cute Purple Hunter Original Short Wellies Boots in Violet


Cheap Purple Hunter Wellies - Hunter Original Short Gloss Wellington Boots - VioletIf you prefer a shorter boot for your cold weather travels, you’ll love these charming Wellingtons. ThisCheck Price Now Welly comes in violet. The bright purple boot adds just the right amount of colour and boldness to attract a little attention. This colour is perfect for the cooler weather and pairs well with darker washes of jeans. Pair with a light sweater and dark jeans for a fun, modern look to help you get through the cloudy weather. You can approach the fall weather with optimism when you step out in these fun boots. Easy to wear under your favourite pair of jeans or dress pants, these boots are perfect for running errands that will take you indoors and out. The added traction makes it easier to stay steady when you transition from wet pavement to dry floor. These wellies are made to last. Forget about buying two or three pairs of boots when the temperature drops, these high quality boots will last. The charming buckle at the top of the boot makes getting the perfect fit, even easier. Simple to adjust, you’ll love the way your new boots fit. The thick rubber sole offers extra sturdiness and support for your feet and ankles, and the rubber body of the boot will protect our feet against the elements.

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