Women’s Havaianas Slim flip flops in bright carbon blue

HOMECheap Havaianas

Women's Havaianas Slim flip flops in bright carbon bluePicture the vivid blue of the sky reflecting in the sea like a sapphire. The intense shade is so bright and beautifulCheck Price Now there isn’t even a word to describe its perfection. Luckily for you, Flip Flops UK has been able to capture that mythical colour and now we’d like to share it with you! Havaianas Slim flip flops in carbon blue are our brightest and most stunning pair of flip flops yet. The slim delicate straps keep them appropriately feminine while the textured footbeds cradle your foot and add a level of traction not always found in other brands.

With cheap Havaianas on your feet you’ll be able to travel the world in style and comfort with a little piece of home that stays with you always. Buy Havaianas online and never again worry about having a strap break loose while on holiday. The three point anchoring system is secure and durable enough to make it through all of your travels unscathed. Trekking through mud is no problem either—just rinse these cheap flip flops off in the sink when you return and they’ll be clean, dry and as good as new in time for you to pack them the next morning or to put them back on your feet for another eventful day full of sightseeing.

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