Cheap Womens Havaianas Slim flip flops in lime green

HOMECheap Havaianas

Havaianas lime greenLime green flip flops from Flip Flops UK are the perfect item for your summer wardrobe. The shimmery shine ofCheck Price Now this cheerful colour will bring out the best of your glowing tan and add a touch of brightness to your day. The thin, delicate straps will highlight dainty feet and leave enough of your foot exposed to the sun to get an all over tan when you’re lounging on the deck at the swimming pool this summer. The squishy footbeds and soles give you protection from those things you’ll likely encounter such as splinters, burrs, gravel and more. The secret Brazilian rubber formula is mixed in such a way that it creates very bouncy soles and footbeds that will put a spring in your step and keep your feet feeling comfortable and cushioned.

Cheap Havaianas flip flops are known for their quality construction, so we know they will last you for years through whatever life throws your way. The sturdy three point anchoring system will keep these flip flops securely on your feet as you flip flop your way through the day. Buy cheap Havaianas online and receive your pair delivered straight to your door in record time.

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