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We often get asked all kinds of questions about flip flops and our brands here at Flip Flops UK – so we thought we’d write up a few articles to help people quicker in the future! If there is anything you want answered please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you find what you’re looking for!

What are your top 5 flip flops you love right now?
How do I match flip flops with your outfit, any tips?
What are our favorite pair of Birkenstocks?
What excuse can I use to buy loads of flip flops?
Why you should wear flip flops?
Why are Havaianas Flip Flops so popular?
Where can I find wedding flip flops?
What Havaianas are suitable for brides to be?
What designer flip flops do you stock?
What are the best smart flip flops on here?
Where can I find the cheapest Birkenstock flip flops on this site?
Where can I find cheap wedding flip flops for the guests?
What are the ideal Beach Flip Flops?
Where can I find perfect fit wedding flip flops?
Where can I find your most glamorous flip flops?
Where can I buy cheap flip flops?
What are the top selling flip flops for brides?
Where can I find his and hers flip flops to buy?
Why are Birkenstocks so awesome?
What are Birkenstock flip flops made from?
What are Havaianas Flip Flops made from?
Top discounted men’s flip flops right now
Where can I find Winnie the pooh flip flops for my child?
Do you have sell children’s Havaianas?
What are you cheapest Havaianas for kids?
Do you sell kids explorer Havaianas flip flops?
Where can I find flip flops with crystals in them?
Where are your cheap flip flops for women?
Top His and her’s Havaianas
Where can I find your cutest and prettiest flip flops?
Where are the cheap unisex Havaianas flip flops?
Our best selection of Havaianas for wedding guests
Do you have classy but cheap sandals for sale in the UK?
Do you have a list of top cheap men’s flip flops online?
Where can I buy awesome sparkling sandals?
Terms and Conditions of using this site
How does this website work? Are you a bricks and mortar shop?
What are the top cheap Reef flip flops for women?
What are the top reef sandals you recommend?
Do you have a page for just leather flip flops?
What are flip flop thongs?
What is the difference between flip flops and sandals?
Point me to cheap men’s leather Flip Flops asap!
Which branded wedding flip flops?
Looking for cheap but premium designer wellingtons?
What about flip flops for us bridesmaids?!
Top cheap designer wellies
Cheap black wellies for men
Customising your wedding flip flops

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