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Your favorite classics are back! The brand that brought you the ever famous Jack Purcell and Chuck Taylors has fully reinvented itself by developing their own line of flip flops. Rendering its reputation in quality and its popular star insignia, you can now ultimately wear your own Converse flip flops proud and loud from the many styles and colors to choose from. Converse began recreating its name as early as the 1900’s with the pioneering brainchild of the company, Marquis Converse.

What started out as a small sneaker business became a full blown prototype amongst sports enthusiasts, skateboarding people and most especially for the casual crowd. The addition of basketball player Chuck Taylor and badminton champion, Jack Purcell only added to the growing hype in those days that would eventually be part of a longstanding history. A feat that transcends from every generation up to the present. People just love their Converse. Everyone all over the world grew up with the brand and its no doubt how incredible and wonderful to see that after so many years, you can always see Converse tripping around everywhere you go.

The Converse Flip Flops line has many varied styles available. The overall unisex appeal that captured people with their shoes is also made possible with their flip flops. So girls and boys, just take your pick! An example of which is the Converse All Star Sandstar Flip Flops in Black/White which everyone can use for their spontaneous days out whether at work and school. It is also an excellent choice to bring into the beach and mountain trips. For those who love the vintage star logo, then you?re really going to like the Converse All Star Sandstar American Flag Flip Flops. A great line of flip flops with the crowd-favorite star banner design for the ever indomitable Converse.

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