Cheap Wedding Flip Flops for Guests – Buy in bulk and save!

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a wedding on the beach, and there’s nothing quite as annoying as sand in your dress shoes, after all how can you dance the night away grinding sand into crystals with your toes?

If you have to hit the beach for a wedding this summer, pair your dress (or even your tux) with a fancy pair of cheap flip flops. You won’t sacrifice comfort with a pair of these Havaianas flip flops either. With a close fitting sole you can also forget the embarrassing flapping sound of the flip flops hitting the sidewalk and totally giving away your casual footwear, but with the stylish look of these you may attract a few stares anyway.

For men:
If you want to go incognito with your comfy shoewear, try the Slim Elegance Leather Havaianas Flip Flops in black. The dark color won’t draw attention from your suit, but you’ll be able to feel the sand between your toes (instead of in your shoes) when the lucky couple says ‘I do’.

For a brighter choice, try the Marine Blue Havaianas Top flip flops. This bright blue color is sure to draw attention, though hopefully not away from the bride and groom. The bright blue will add a pop of color and highlight your tanned feet.

For women:
If you want to add a little funky flair to your wedding gear, you’ll love the Havaianas Freedom Flip Flops – Aubergine.

These cool flip flops add an ankle clasp that offers an elegant twist on the summer shoe. The cool color and funky buckle are sure to draw attention. You won’t have to worry about looking too casual in these fun shoes.

With a little more color, and a touch of sparkle the Havaianas Slim Turkish Black and Blue Flip Flops, are perfect with any casual wear or a summer dress.

No worries about offending the bride with your casual feet. These cute shoes are funky and have a little sparkle on the toe strap. You’ll love the feel of the sand on your toes at your summer wedding.