How to Choose Flip Flops & Sandals?


When it comes to buying flip flops or sandals, you should focus on many important factors. Nothing can help you handle warm summers like comfy flip flops or a pair of simple sandals. May it be function or fashion, flip flops and sandals are here to help you. Comfortable flip flops can save you from feeling tired or in pain. However, poorly designed sandals can ruin your day too! You may experience soreness and painful blisters on your feet. This is why you should choose your sandals wisely. There are several different types of sandals to choose from. These sandals will make sure you stay comfortable, feel protected and cushioned.

Here are few tips on how to choose sandals for your next occasion! These tips will make sure you buy a durable and sturdy pair of footwear.

#1 The Need

First of all, check if the flip flops suit your activities. A lot of people choose sandals when they have to go outdoors and exercise. Trips to the beach, hiking and picnics are great places to wear flip flops.

1)      Hiking sandals are designed with sturdy toe boxes, outsoles and stiff mid soles. These sandals will cling to your foot. It will protect your feet and make sure you are stable through water and rocks.

2)      Water sandals are lightweight. As suggested by its name, these sandals are meant to be used in water. They are water resistant and can protect your feet during activities like fording streams, rafting and fording rivers. These sandals will be useful during beach walks too!

3)      Fashion sandals have stylish designs. These sandals offer high levels of support and protection. You can wear fashion sandals to parties and luncheons.

4)      Closed toe sandals will protect your toes from debris and obstacles. It is a great apparel for hiking and street walks.

#2 The Size

Secondly, the flip flops and sandals should fit you perfectly. You must be very clear with your size. “Size” is a deciding factor when it comes to comfortable footwear. The right footwear will be bigger than your foot. Your foot will not hang outside.

#3 The Material

Thirdly, you should be careful with the type of material you pick. Flip flops and sandals come in different materials. Fabric, leather and suede straps will make you feel comfortable. These materials will give your feet the right amount of space to breathe and will prevent blisters.

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