Flip Flops: the Origin


Flip flops are one of the most comfortable types of summer footwear. Their history is as interesting as it is ancient.

LRTatmizoriblackThey have been worn from approximately 4000 B. C. by ancient Egyptians. You can find evidence of this in different historical museums. Scientists found that such kind of footwear was popular in many parts of the world during different time periods. Also, the materials varied from one country to another. For example Egyptians wore flip flops from palm leaves and papyrus; rawhide was the material of African tribes’ footwear; Indians made them from wood (just imagine that!); Asians used rice straw; different kinds of plants were used to make firm and wearable parts of flip flops all over the world.

Flip flops got their modern worldwide popularity due to American soldiers of WW2 who returned from Japan with similar kind of traditional footwear called zori. Traditional Japanese design soon changed and manufactures started producing them from rubber in all range of possible colors.

Flat-Family_RET2Havaianas flip flops UK firs appeared in 1962. This is one of those brands that have not lost the popularity for over 50 years. Inspired by Japanese zori Havaianas got a special recognizable feature – a textured rice pattern. The company has lots of designs of women’s, kids’ and men’s flip flops, and also beach footwear that is both comfy and practical.

hip-flopsConverse flip flops also have a recognizable feature. Apart from producing regular flip flops this company went beyond and created a new design which is a combination of sneakers and flip flops. This type of footwear is often called hip-flops as hipsters loved the new design a lot.

Modern flip flops still remain the most popular kind of beach footwear worldwide for over half a century. The best thing about them is that one could choose from a huge variety of designs and colors suitable for many occasions.

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